FAKE WORLD Thru’ Info Wars

We live in the 21st century

Aware of daily propaganda

Does fake-news drive us

Bit for bit

Into apathy and ignorance?


Troll-networks operate through

Social networks.

Hate and Haters.

Hate communities.

Self-appointed Super humans

Appear on top of heaps

Of rapidly accumulating dirt.


Provocation at any price –

What’s wrong?

The trend that everything’s

Only a joke?

To get infamous is considered

The weapon for justice.



A drive for excitement through

Internet-manipulation is cool.

Will info-wars thru’ fake accounts

Have decisive influence who

Will be Number One in Berlin

Or in the White House?


The growing acts of maneuvers

Through the info-wars

Will show us the future of

The election process

Through eHijackings of the

Democratic idea

Creating a fake world through

An onslaught of the growing






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