Anker Cafe Bar

Behind the super window

At Anker’s Cafe Bar seat

The Poet observes

Young women passing by

In accentuated body-hugging


Stretch technology in textiles

Makes a model shape of most


How sexy Ana used to look –

The Poet still recalls.

And while he muses over

A cup of green tea

Mr T phones him to do

Something for him.

But he quickly reverts his thoughts

Back to his sole concentration

Sipping Chun Mee tea

Exercising his consciousness.

In the midst of his meditation

Mrs Ira turns up like a spirit

From a dream

Whispering: ‘what is he reading?

The sex page of today’s paper.’

‘Yes’ the Poet says

‘I have just before read about

The teacher’s published sex life.

‘Amazing what happened to her.

Felsöpulya in the news’.

Mrs Ira suppresses a giggle.

‘He likes you to bring him your

Notes and the name of the Korean

Receptionist at Alsergrund.

And please fetch the trolley for


‘Yes I will do.’

The Poet finishes his tea and then

Heads toward the Jordan-suite of

Mr T and Mrs Ira.





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