About Ancient India

He doffed the colours

Of the British soldiers

Far away in the Provinces

Of Old India

To become a deceiver

Killing his Indian namesake

While his ghost appears

In his wife’s dreams and

At the same time to the

Wife of his namesake.

He joins the Thugee to

Fight the Nahab tribe

Collet evidence to stop

The evil ritual to the

Goddess Kali

Black goddess of tribes

Possessing all who eat

The magical lump of sugar.

He’ll join in strangling the

Hunted down victims

Robbing them blind.

To the feast of the end

Of the hunt the deceiver –

The British officer transformed

Into an Indian to join the

Deceivers –

Will be soon in mortal danger.

Could he be still saved by the


His wife had asked for?

While she worries herself sick

For his return

The Indian wife of his namesake

Burns herself.

Thugee –

Navab –






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