The Spirited Mr T

At times alert and

A good functional brain

On other days his memory

At some irritating loss –

He has recovered from

His recent ordeal

Speaking in front of his peers

Brothers in arms

A selected group of staunch


While the Poet assists with

Varied requisites

Necessary to add weighting

To Mr T’s speech

He has only one or two

Minutes to relax.

As Mr T stumbles through his

Notes having a bad day

With too many times already

To blow his top.

However the dear Bro’s

All will exchange a word

Or two with everybody.

Finally one friend offers

Mr T and the Poet a lift

To Vienna’s inner district.

Mr T is unhappy with this

Evening’s performance

As he senses that he’s done

Not at all well.

He’s is disappointed.

He is in need of a good rest!

The Poet needs a good rest

At the Red Tower flat

A bathroom visit with a

Reviving shower. Then to bed.

Red Tower

Red Tower

Savior of his sensitive

Inner being.




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