Chun Mee

Sipping Chun Mee –
Green tea at Anker.
I sit at the counter
Facing the street’s
Opposite today’s seat
Furthest to the right
An original ‘Gründerzeit’-
Building with shops at
The ground floor:
Copy Studio Digitaldruck
Tabak-Trafik the corner shop
An empty store for rent
Main entrance – Schwertgasse
Piotrowski Food and
Two more small shops.
First floor:
I cannot read the name
Second floor apartments.
The main façade with its
Symmetrical décor
Orientated to Wipplingerstrasse.
Central balconies are a feature
A central caesura with some
Classicistic gables.
Third floor:
The ‘Belle Etage’ has the largest
Balcony as the most elegant
Of floors.
Plants overflowing the swung
Balcony’s balustrade
Topped with flowers.
Rambling wine covers the
Columns of the gable motive
In red autumn colours.
A white haired woman appears
To sample another beautiful
Autumn morning’s air.
Mrs Ira will be coming soon
She responded to my call.
Sipping green tea.
Passerbies seem to have
Taken up the tea name’s
Rhythm – Chun Mee.
Chun Mee.eeM nuhC


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