Moves & Nudes

Writing poetry early morn’s
Prep my breakfast:
Chia seeds and rolled oats
Chocolate coconut bun
Milk from Austrian Alps
Mixed with honey
Some energy cocktail
You must certainly try.

But as transporting
Frankl’s oil paintings
From apartment to store
Across the ‘Hohe Brücke’-
High Bridge in central Vienna
One needs some stamina.

The Serbian phalanx is
Hard at work:
Slobi and the Poet
Ophelia and Sandra
David the cool dude
And Mrs Ira overseas
While Mr T has continual
Repetitive questions –
Like ‘where’s my yellow
Mrs Ira smiles
Well she’s married over
Fifty years
So she knows her hubby
And the Poet is married
Also fifty years
His spouse is at her best
Being at a respectable
So it goes.

Life’s a gas when one displaces
A whole life’s collections
From its nest.
Perhaps for some of the movers
Though they are doing very well
Observed by the Poet.

Paintings out:
Gila records electronically.
Paintings in at the storage:
Michael does it acribiously
On his smartphone.
A fantastic team work
Molded together by family
While the Poet observes
An assembly of nudes
On a TV musical program
While finishing his starobrno
Moves and Nudes.


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