Fine Morning

Green Tea with Matcha
Sunshine morning
And sweet dreams
Keep the denuded artist
Within a warm bed’s
Sensual dream world.

A dove feather grooms
On the window sill outside
Few pedestrians on the
Tuchlauben at this time.

Yesterday evening we had
Some trouble finding BB.
Only through a common
Friend: Mr and Mrs P.

Never before have I been
To an evening amongst
Who have experienced
Directly the merciless
Hard brutality of the

There were times I recalled
The murder of my grandfather

But life goes on and we have
To clean out Mrs Ira’s apartment.

Another day in the city of noises
And busybodies
Tourist clusters and day visitors.

I use B’s bon for coffee and a
Great Pierre-croissant at Ströck
Stephansplatz. Excellent!
Fine morning.


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