Facing One’s Own Ghost

„This seat free?“
„Indeed“ I said and as
I looked up on the man
Opposite to me
I detected familiarities.
He looked like a brother
“No it can’t be” I murmured.
“You travel regularly on this
Route?” He continued.
“Yes I commute for the
Next weeks daily to Vienna.”
“And you?”
He looked at me
An artist’s beret on his head
With long hair
Dressed in black.
“Funny” I thought “he wears
Similar garb to mine.”
“I’m a painter” he said and
Looked forlorn.
“Any interesting art you
“Yes” he said and showed me
Some pic’s on his smart phone.
Astonished I looked at my own
“Interesting” I replied “where
Do you live?”
He told me: “Hauptstrasse 35
In Weidling.”
“No!” I said aloud “that’s where
I live.”
“Impossible!” He said.
“Do you know something that
I don’t?”
“Well I’m in a jam” he was sad.
“I’ve broken up with my wife
After fifty years.”
“Gee” I gasped “what’s her name?”
“I call her ’Hohlbein’.”
“Oh like the German artist’s wife?”
“Very funny. You are some special
Lookalike.” I said and began to
Think that I have gone mad.
“Heiligenstadt” the electronic
Announcer sounded overhead.
As I placed my turquoise poetry book
Into my black linen knapsack and
Stood up
The shadow man-artist was gone.
How did I not realize that I had
Turned into a split personality?
Well who really cares
As long as creativity is alive.


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