Clean Up

All day we sorted papers
Magazines Art-books
Books about the Holocaust
Drawings Watercolours
Mixed media work
All from artist A.F.
A day of art to remember
If you don’t know the artist
Like Slobo or any other
Voluntary helpers.

Yet to find a piece of his art
Ask Viki and she’ll assist you
Knowing A/F’s oeuvre
While MrT has problems
To orientate himself on his
Sorting task
The mere load of letters
Documents correspondence
Has grown in thirteen years
To a mountain
Most difficult to sort
Unless one will be ruthless
Or somebody has to be.

Downtown the Day of Coffee
Is celebrated at Café Korb
While Mrs IRA schlepps
Thirty boxes to load for us.
Day of the coffee.
Day of gin and green tea.
Who will look into all these
Boxes in the future again?

Having gone through such
A clean up
The poet recommends to
Rid oneself of most of the
Past being radical for a great
The only way.
Mrs IRA agrees. Clean up life.
MrT defies it. For him it must
Be feeling like the end.
Perhaps as someone having
Lived through the loss of his
Private library
You can understand his pain.


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