CIAK Notebook

When he doesn’t attend to his
Fav pastime pleasuring his body
The artist cleans up his desk and
Found his aged yellow notebook
CIAK-Handmade in Italy:
Notes. Drawings. Projections.
The way he lived creatively
Since 2008 –
Glass stair design. Bathrooms.
Wine cellar. Interiors.
Dr Noah’s terrace. Wine cellar.
Play Room above boulder.
Fly beam façade for Byron.
House Leggat.
Covered parking boxes without
A frontal column.
Residence Billet.
Korsman engineer.
Anderson builder.
Meszarich Portfolio.
Pebbles for House B+Z and
Mosaic design for pool niche
At house B+Z.
Learning Greek ‘Kalimera’.
Synopsis for the ‘Greek Muse’
‘Muses’ by ZG. Myi4d-gallery
At Marousi exhibiting ZG.
Gallery in Plaka Athens.
Michel Petrucciano.
Letter to Dimitrios.
Mystikos Elefsina. An artist’s
‘Faces’ – Paintings listed for
An exhibition.
Logo design for International
Poetry Festival in Athens.
Avant-garde textile design
For Clerici.
Artquid. ZG’s paintings on the
Internet gallery in Paris. France.
About Love – Prose by ZJG.
Anatomy study: The eye.
Studies for a passive house for
Mrs IRA.
Poem ‘Dentist’.
Bookshelf design as we had
As students and immigrants
In Africa of the South.


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