Green Apples

A mellow-tone morn‘
Has followed an evening’s
Fruitful creative time
Writing up the day’s poetry
That set free a mellow-tone
With a glass of red wine
As the cherry on top.
Through the familiar trail
Of K.J.Grünberger
Who had fallen in love with
This jewel of a landscape
Closest to Weidling
I experienced it as a part
Of paradise
He could escape to anytime.
To that I’m fully aware of
And also relate to
In times of domestic tension
And verbal abusive style.
How come?
Once I had given her comfort
And love
To overcome her horrid time
She had experienced with an
Irresponsible and cynical man.
In the Africa of the South
She has thawed up with her
Choice of a man I have been
Jealous of
As I’ve tried extremely hard
To have success in a foreign
But then I fought against
Uneven odds.
Finally I gave in to her and
Realized she loved that man
And I had to set her free.
I did. She stayed.
But now after 20 years she
Condemns me
Of having done her wrong.
I have a glass of Storobrno
And it makes me feel mellow
On the brink of running away
With another woman
Whose husband had aged
I will.
It’ll soon be as real a love
Mature love
As certain as God made
Green apples.


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