Blues in Orbit

I had many thoughts about
Seducing my own doc
But then even if not approved
By the strict codes of
Patient and doc
Anything’s possible.

The first time I’ve set eyes
On her fine full dark hair
Hugging her oval face
And her dusky eyes caught me
In their labyrinth of shine
And mystery
I slipped on the polished
Forecourt of her innermost
And fell denuded before
Her critical eyes.

She lifted me up
She healed my crippling walk
And gave me a new life.
Ana. I thought.
Has she talked to her
Like woman to woman?
My teacher to my doc?

All I wanted to give her
Was my heart thru my art
As she had me already.
I was functional as a man
But stuck as an artist who
Aimed for doing his best.

Until I cleansed myself
Walking like the Nordic
Fifteen trails of my great
My prayers for a slain Gran
Victim of Nazi fanatics.

Ana smiled
Kissed me
Was Doc S Ana?
In love all’s possible
In projections
The artist communicates
Through stages of his art.

Peace of mind happens
At another level toward
Completion of a portrait
Of his doc.
Happiness spreads thru’
His inner being
Setting his spirit for a flight
Blues in Flight.
Blues in Orbit.


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