Mind & Soul Awaken

Do you feel roused in your mind

This Sunday morn’

When you woke to soulful music

Engaged in powerful interplay

Of a mighty God and the devil

In you?


Look at the way the conductor

Moves his hands

Sways his body

Completely in unison with

Heavenly sounds

His talent extracts from his

Fellow musicians –

That propels you into a total

Different world –

Peeling the gossamer layers

From your emotions

To lay them bare before you:

Your soul.


You witness the rebirth of

Your freedom

Pictures tattooed in your

Innermost mind

To act in unison with your

Denuded soul.

Life had encrusted the free spirit

Of an ocean

At the most tender moments

Let it calcify at the shores of



With one tune of a raindrop

That gathered to soft rain

Dissolving pain

Let return love’s memories

The storm of love’s orchestra

Peaking intensity’s feelings

Has placed upon you the path

Of unison’s clarity again.

Mind & Soul –

The power of double-edged


Just one Orphic tune.

Musica Eterna.anretE acisuM







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