Her Soul

On this September eleventh

Second day in week 37 of 2018

I sat down to contemplate

In a slightly daze

That came over me.


I opened my turquoise journal

Leuchtturm 1917

Read the title for my next poem

I had noted down a day before:

‘I Love the Way You’re Braided’.


And it came to me

Seeing her face in front of me

A lion-haired Amazon in her

Stately appearance

Though gentler in her being

A soulful woman

Trained to path together

Used up skeletal body joints.

She appeared to me with another

Familiar voice whispering to me

As if Ana`s spirit had entered

Her spirit.


As if Ana would talk to me

From the depth of Dr S’ being.

I was thrilled and suddenly afraid

Of taking another step

Where I had left off with Ana

168 months ago –


Yet some voice in me was asking

For drawing a portrait

As my first picture was not true

To her real self

Only an idealization of her iconic


Her expressive dusky eyes

And sensual lips.


This time I feel a rebirth of my

Artistic talents

To depict her real inner being

As I had a peek into her soul.

A welcome challenge.

A study of Artist to Artist.

Soul to Soul.

Face to Face.

A great step toward

Touching her soul.





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