Heath and Asphalt

The wanderer’s excitement will

Only start when his arrival at

The starting point to the famous

Heath at Perchtoldsdorf

Has finally verified before his

Tired eyes.

The heath’s undulated landscape

Is of a special anachronism to

The artist’s intuitive perception:

The dry grass and the tiny flowers

With intensive colours of yellow

White and red

Against a clear blue sky –

It’s like a see-through top of Ana’s

Against the grey suburban Athens.

On top of the heath near the woods

The feeling of joy like her kiss.

And behind you not the pebbled

Agglomeration of Athens

Bleached out by a relentless sun

But the sharp contrasted masses

Of communal living blocks

With high rise towers

Like fingers reaching for the skies.

The expansion of a hungry city

For more buildings

Concrete eating up more land

Pushing natural surroundings

Back again and again.

Adjacent a closure with a wire fence

Keeps the groups of sheep close


Their bleating kept to murmurs

Their animal smells blend into

The brooding heath’s afternoon

Where some folk dilly-dally along.

A young woman lies supine

Her legs angled and opened-up

Toward the sun’s daydreaming.

The city’s like a painted backdrop

In total silence

Before one descends again along


Toward the tram’s end station.

The colourful backdrop

The heath and the sheep transform

To asphalt and people

The smell of diesel fumes

Which blend into the cityscape.

I buy some beers at Spar

Before I commence to the 60-bim.





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