I Love the Way You’re Braided

The way you carry yourself

With your finely curled hair

In a lioness’ abundance

And a cat-like steady gait

Cautious yet determined

Like structures of your mind

With years of acquired skills

In your life-saving profession

Reshaping human bodies

For a painless rebirth.


Since I’ve handed myself

Over to you

I wished to accompany you

And travel with you somewhat

Along this earthly road

On your short stints of time out

Study you sitting for a portrait

With artist to artist interaction

That would spark off my talents

Depicting the truth in you

Through my brushstrokes

My soft pencil markings

My whatever-I-might-find-


Buried deep in me.


I dreamt of you tonight and

Held my breath as faction

Fused with fiction with

Your enigmatic smile.


Spiritually wondrous.

An extension of my mind

And soul.

I love the way you’re braided.


One day this canvas

Will become a great piece

Of contemp art

When my believes and

Yours will fuse

Like a dance upon the

Clouds of true art.


Until then I walk this way

Working with a small printed

Portrait on your calling card

That only other image for

The artist beside the one

In his heart.





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