The woman who runs

The place at Shakes. Nußdorf.

How often did my uncle Tony

Mention Nußdorf when he

Worked at the DBB?

All the time

As if this place was a giant magnet

Drawing every traveler into its

Hospitable spider net.

Now it’s Shakes –

Used to be a nightclub

But perhaps it did not draw enough


So it opened its doors as a café and

Pub at daytime.

I visited the place on the square

Solely for their Murauer draft beer

The one I have developed a taste for.


Since I’ve tasted it at a small pub

Sited near a trail to the Viennese Woods

Along the pretty Liesingtal.

As from then I’ve become

A fan of it

Especially conversing with Sharka

The red-haired woman –

A waitress and cook serving drinks

And fast foods.

“Most people who have not much

Money only have drinks” she states

Leaning on the soft back of a seat

Adjoining me

A talkative person

Wide awake and street wise

She talks continually

Until I have finished two large drafts

And finally adding a small one too.

Never before I had that quantity

Of draft beer past lunchtime

But it worked well with my

Mondseer cheese sandwich

I had eaten before.

It’s amazing how easily I have

Learned to talk to a woman again

In spite of profession or talents

That only become obvious during

Of words and language.

I am thinking of my Check friends

From South Africa and what they

Might be up to in the city of

Los Angeles.

Waiting for my bus.

Calling it in for the day.





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