Up familiar Grünberger Weg

To the Jägerwiese steels me

Hardens my body on repeat

Cleanses my soul

I feel my lively heartbeat

That I’m alive.


The leaves in the beech trees

Yield to the wind playing them

Like instruments

If you listen carefully you’ll hear

A tune in a growing crescendo

Of a whole orchestra –

The wood –


On the other side of the Kahlenberg

It’s still and the vines are ready

To be picked.

The grapes taste sweet – Rheinriesling –

Will be a great wine this year.


My feet signal for a rest.

In Kahlenbergerdorf next to

Schubert’s Lime tree I eat my sandwich

Then decide to finish my route of

City Walk 1a in Nußdorf.


Cool Murauer beer awaits me at

Shake’s Irish pub. Mhh.

What a feast.

After two beers I pay Sharka

And head for the 400 bus to

Take me back to Weidling.






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