Leopoldsberg and Murauer

For at least a dozen trails

My body and spirit has been

In balance

Until the challenge had been

Completed and with it the

Trails as recommended.


Now then it’ll be a pleasure

To take the wanderer’s pass

With the stamped page and

Submit it to City Hall

For receiving the Golden Needle.


Bit this morn’ I felt like some

Outer power held me back

Not to walk my usual four hours.

But perhaps take a route I’ve

Left partly out before

Like the snaking uphill path to

The Leopoldsberg Mountain.


Kahlenbergerdorf is a wondrous

Place and a village not only for

Exquisite wines

But also for great vibes

Thru’ it’s grandiose setting.

So climbing up the zig-zag path

The views to below a stunning

And visually postcard settings.

Not to mention the views as

You get higher and higher

Above the Danube and the

City of Vienna.


Finally the castle on top

Where over 300 years ago

The invading Turkish forces

Were held back successfully.


On your continued walk thru’

Kahlenberg and the way down

Along vineyards loaded with

Ripe grapes

Harvesting has been already

Begun –

It has to be an exceptional wine

This season.


But my walk has slowed down

Not being vigorous as before

When I started the challenge.

A pleasurable walk in the open

With the late August sun on

My face

While a cool breeze calls

For a long sleeved top.


Along the Danube promenade

People walking to anchored

Boats in the Kuchelau.

A fisherman has set out his

Fishing rods.

I greet a woman

Fellow Nordic walker.

She’s Hungarian.


Nußdorf. Finally.

It’s time for a cool Murauer

At ‘Shake’s’ Bar and Bistro

Before I’ll take the 400 bus

Back to my starting point.













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