Out of the Blue

Another stint for being a

PA to Mr T

To Bratislava – of course –

The city with great homely vibes

To locals and to visitors alike.

First thing to see Mr T’s cousin

On visit with his girlfriend

At Hotel Devin

And friend Prof Jury

At the university.

Spot of lunch all together:




Sascha and the poet

In between PA duties also

With the hat as the observer

Messenger for placing all

Individual tattooed events

Inscribed into each of us

Into the language of poetry.

At the endless passages of the

University we find room 428

Where Prof J interviews his

Guest Vic from the Land of Oz.

Later at ‘Jasmin’ we’ve taken

An excellent dinner with

Finely chopped beef slices

And rice for Mr T and some

Mouthwatering glazed noodles

For the poet. MH!

Enticing walks thru’ the city’s

Inner core.

Had to change rooms as the

AC unit did not work

Then slept like logs.

Having lunch at Roland’s the

Following day

The city ‘s showing off its superior

Main Square atmosphere.

Strolling back to the garage

Thru’ side street cafes and

Cozy lit eateries with lots of

People enjoy an evening out

Mr T conducts a guided tour

Through some of the historic


Soon Ophelia is driving back

To Vienna and her skills are

Admirable to us all.

The poet assists Mr T to his

Apartment and he schlepps

Himself with his holdall on his

Shoulder to the Red Tower flat

Sinking into his bed

Still seeing the Square with

Roland in his armour.





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