The Poet and the Spirit

Nowhere else in the last months

Have I felt from a dream of

My Muse related as much to

Erotic feelings as at this night

Of the 14/8

Meaning: 7 –

Reduced from the date numbers

Arriving at the lucky number of

My Muse Ana

Born on the seventh day of the

Seventh month

In the year ’47.

When would her numbers come

Up on the National lottery?

Perhaps an artist is not destined

To become rich in monetary terms

In order to keep all his passion

And talent concentrated to create

His cycles on canvas

Being dedicated only to his art.

Nowhere else but here in the

Pleasant surroundings of Hotel


Did I have such a spiritually

Related conscious

While good sleep was replaced

By half-wake slumber

Lying on an extended settee

Made up as a bed for me.

Mr T said that he feels at home


It has to do with the different


For him though a return to his

Early days in life.

Like his father used to return

Regularly to his beloved Pressburg

So does his son Mr T now

Just as well.








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