Stumbling Blocks (‘Stolpersteine’)

Some nervous tension between

The couple.

Mr T always tensed up before

He travels anywhere

This time to Bratislava yet again.

Mrs T drives us to the Main station

I wheel the luggage to the other end

The ticket office situated well for

The subway users

But not for those who are dropped off

At the station’s arrival side.

Unfortunate design

Mr T always uses strong words to

Vent his pent-up anger

But perhaps more so battling with age.

Don’t we all?

The smooth train ride settles tempers


In the cooled down coach.

Arriving at Petrzalka’s station

The cab reserved by Mr T

Already waiting at the curb for us.

Fun Taxi’s driver calls out for Mr T

And other tourists will have to take

Another cab.

At the Radisson where Mr T is known

We leave our two suitcases in store.

The ceremony of laying so called

‘Stumbling Stones’ (Stolpersteine)

Has become s growing custom to

Honour all people who were deported

To the death camps by the Nazis

More so a lasting impression with

One survivor of a family of originally

Five members.

The surviving sister reading from her


Mr T talks to the American Ambassador

And we all shake hands.

I feel the pain welling up in the surviving


An elderly elfin-like person

About Mr T’s age,

Then we are off on foot to Jasmin

In the Jewish Quarter

Mr T’s old haunt.

Suzanna talks about the history of

The city and Veronika communicates

With me through her if we cannot get

The meaning of a word.

It’s high time to eat and there’s a bit

Of a muddle with the food we ordered

But in the end I receive two portions

Of noodles that had been split up

For no apparent reason.

Noodles galore.

Excellent like the huge glass of

Local brew.




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