Foyer of Hotel Bratislava

The kids play hopscotch

On markings made on the floor

Some guests drink at the

Adjoining bar.


People come and go and

Pay their bills at reception

Others will check-in hurriedly.


Ladies in elegant dresses

Pass nearby where we sit

Probably visiting a seminar

Or the well-known first floor

Beauty salon.


Otherwise tourists prefer to

Dress in shorts and tee shirts

Jeans and loose tops.




The electrically sensored

Biparting main entrance doors

Open and close with a swooshing

Sound continually.


In the dim-lit atmosphere one’s

Eyes are allowed to rest.

Juraj bent over his laptop

Is working a program designed for

Historical research editing captured

Data for a documentation of a

Detailed history of Bratislava

With a huge collection of

Photographs to accompany the text.

Mr T is assisting with data input.


The poet reads a book in a Hungarian

Translation of author Stevenson’s

‘Treasure Island’

In spite of his vocabulary remained


Having not furthered his

Mother tongue any more.



Peace of mind can be found in midst

Of strange sounding languages

And a variety of visitors from

Different countries.

The afternoon buzzing sounds

The main doors swooshing open

And shut

Makes you dozing off a bit.







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