Cellophane Noodles

Late night a small drought

For a nightcap

Mr T with alcohol-free patent

Closed bottle beer to our usual

Room 802

At the hotel Bratislava

In the leafy suburb of Ruzina.

Fall into bed

The young Polish lass has made up

On the pull-out settee for me.

Sleep came immediately

But wake at the crack of dawn

From a dream about Mrs IRA

Who is keen for tenderness

While Mrs B is making out with

Her nephew D.

Back to sleep with slight ear trouble

Hope deafness will stay away

Long enough

Have more trouble with my knee.

But now in the morn’ the fine

Spiderweb of dreams fading

Yet their footprints remain on

This page for my readers

I wish to keep informed.

Yesterday’s friends like Veronika

And Suzanna were interested

In my art and writings

But comm’s was difficult with

Veronika’s broken English and

And my lack of will to have learnt

Slovakian during the years.

Now then the food at ‘Jasmin’

As good as ever

‘Cellophane noodles’ an interesting


I would call them ‘glassy noodles’.






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