You mustn’t get

Emotionally too exhausted

By her verbally charged

Abusive campaign

In flares of anger

High-pitched voice

Throwing a tantrum.


You have not given-up

To respond to her mean


But let her get-off her

Suppressed anger

And await the right time

To respond with a

Quiet voice

While she still boils over

In the heat of a verbal

Post-climatic glow.


After all it’s an unfortunate


That has pushed her life

To a point of its regret

An unfulfilled verification

Of missed opportunities

Although the poet offered

Her at one stage

To leave for greener

Economical pastures and

A better matching partner

In temperament.


No. She chose to keep

A battered love with her


She could always rely on

For half a century

In an advanced age.


In spite of major losses

Of possessions

That seemed emotionally


But also meant not being


Either by autocrats nor by

Assembled goods or trinkets

Yet again possessed by the

State that keeps her alive.














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