The ever-recurring discussion:

It smells like cod-liver in here.

He replies that he does not smell it.

You never smell anything she claims.

He walks close toward the newly

Painted wall and puts his nose

Close to it:

Indeed a strange new paint smell

But cod-liver does not come to my

Mind at all.

Well if this happens again I’ll move out

She says with emphasis on out.

Where will you go?

He wonders about her over sensibility

But she always had this kind of

Immediate reactions.

You could ventilate he said and then

Returns to his computer work.

No I won’t! The landlord’s car smells

Of diesel fumes

I don’t like to have in here either.

  1. He rests with his replies

As she accuses him to be always

Aggressive towards her.

He isn’t.

She is the stirrer in such argumentative


He packs his knapsack.

Today he has an appointment with

The orthopedic surgeon about his

Knee troubles.

Otherwise he would have taken off

On one of the great trails

Through the lush Viennese Woods.

Trails and wholesome peace

Surrounding sound of silence.

No more agro.







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