To Be a Poet

  1. The Preparation.

It has nothing to do with any form or style. In the beginning, there has to be an inner fire and desire to be an artist. One’s interests in poetry, given to one by inheritance and talent from one’s parents, will eventually materialize in an upcoming sensibility for choices of words. Writing poetry at all times, patiently day by day and week for week, the month for month, eventually, year by year, will yield your own style. An artist, a writer, a poet will have to be in good luck to meet his or her Muse and be lead along for some time on the path for a self-realization of his or her art.

Art, writing, and poetry will become a way of living rather than just a pastime fad. That’s when the artist will experience his or her drifting into the sphere of grooving. The mood and position of a flight of the innerness into the fields of continual relaxation and happiness. The poet, artist, and the writer has a complex history of arriving at his or her way of presenting art. Life’s complexities will shape the way he or she handles the tools of canvas, the paper, or the selection of the type of notebook that will be the thrashing floor of his or her performance.

Intuition will be the antenna of the artist. Listening to his or her inner voice will have to be the driving force of creation. The artist is after all the messenger of a higher power. In the study of mythology – an endless source of inspiration – lies the kernel of truth that has to be found. The Blarney Stone of revelation, the key to open the door to one’s garden of Eden, the Horn of plenty. There is never a shortcut to finding that kernel of truth, the artist is continually on the search for. Like an athlete, he sets out ön a slow walk to warm up, before he has entered the realm of spirituality that provides the fuel for a faster walk and finally after he or she has entered the artistic realm, the power needed for a great home run.

3 thoughts on “To Be a Poet

  1. I’m working on “Art, writing, and poetry” being “a way of living rather than just a pastime fad.” I’ve been working on a poetry manuscript since 2012. It hasn’t been my priority, so it’s nowhere near complete.

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