The modem is faulty

The artist phoned the Internet

Provider and a new one has been

Set aside for him in Vienna’s

Seventh district.

In spite of the heat wave and

Changes of plan by Mr T:

What did we say in the morning?

I have to phone Viki and then

Tell you what time you’re on.

The artist set out on his trip

To Vienna complicated by the

Refurbishing of the end station

Of U4

But noticed he had to recharge

The battery of his cellular phone.

So he was late

But then she accused him of

Lying he took off.

Never would he have envisaged

Her impertinence at his

Advanced age.

He had to care for his own health

As his spouse would not care

For him in sickness

So he had experienced.

A tooth for a tooth and an eye

For an eye

Finally it came down to this.


She is moody like the modem

He calls it manic depressive

She’d inherited from her dad.

The modem cannot be faulty

The techie guy told him

Check your plug extension.

Damned! Two of three are

Suddenly faulty.

Just like life is on the outside

All fine

But on the inside rotten.

But he’ll prevail.

Buy a new plug extension set

For a few bob and all is


TV for B

Internet for the artist.

And now it’s time to plan

A walking trail for tomorrow













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