One cannot rely on the

Trail markings to lead you

The wanderer

For arriving at your goal.

Weidlingbach – walks thru

Wooded portions along

The brook

Until you hit suddenly the

Dreary main road.

Damned nuisance for walking

At the roadside exposed to

The peril of fast driving cars.

However up to Steinriegel

But the red markings stop

Midway and the forest road

Is marked for the bikers.

After a tiresome climb arriving

At the Sofienalpe –

Not intended at all along the


Have a coke and carry on to

The nearby Mostwirt

Who is on his summer leave.

So there won’t be a stamp

Collected for the wander pass.

Then after a sandwich and

Green tea from the flask

Down through the woods

To Kasgraben

Catch a 450 bus to Hütteldorf

Enough walking on asphalt

Disinterested to walk this trail


Sitting with apathy in the U4

To the Spittelau.

Bus 400 to Bhf Weidling and

Milk for B and beer for the artist

At the nearby grocery shop

Just in time to catch bus 401

To Weidling village.



zoltanzelan     ZJG-POetry’18.

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