Stay Cool

For the poet to ask

A few hours before he intends

To leave

For the so called Soma Pass

Is timeously enough

But not for his spouse

Who considers it an attack

On her person

An intrusion into her own

World order of things.


You should have asked

Yesterday evening –

She throws words at him.

He would see:

This minor thing to ask for

A shared pass caused her

That much strain?


Her nervous system at an


The heat wave adds more

Fuel to his reasonable


Leaping up flames in her

Destroying her common



He feels sorry for her raw


But he also has to conduct

A living in accordance to

His own budget.

Besides he’ll travel with

His friend to a Haydn concert

He wouldn’t even tell her yet

Avoiding the cause for another

Round of tedious arguments.


So they live together

Yet avoiding each other

But that’s impossible to do

At all times

In a bed-sitter situation

Where they have to exist

With a bounce back of

Human frustrations.



When she loses her rag

Slamming the door shut

He usually withdraws

Into his sacred domain

To his desk at the window

In the rectangular set out


Mumbling insults at her.

Finally peace.


Pity the door has to

Stay otherwise wide open

Most of the time

Due to the only possible

Cross ventilation

Badly limiting his privacy.

Perhaps tomorrow will

Come with a cooling wave


Stay cool.






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