Side by Side

All of a sudden he looked back

At fifty years of companionship

Most folk spend on dining out.

For years the poet’s spouse talked

About a spectacular event

Like a speed boat trip on the

Danube River.

The day before the anniversary

Had come

Hos plans for fitness over crusted

The event

He took off in pursuit of his physical


Shopping Nordic Walking sticks

Rucksack and Dry-Fit top.

Off he went starting a series of

Walking tours day after day

As if he had limited time left to

Prove his newly gained fitness

Past two hip-joint operations

To himself.

Did he wish to impress the

Lady surgeon with his newly

Found second youth?

Well whatever

But the impulse to walk lay

Deeply rooted in himself

Just like a DNA inheritance

Or a programmed trait implanted

By a smart manipulation

Of his new existence.

Is it that we are newly born

After replacement surgery?


Was it before his spouse

Who walked the nearby hills

And wooded pathways

For three consecutive years

Living side by side

While the poet ached?

Now it happened to her partner

Of half a century.

Drained of energy she shouted.

She cursed him.

Was she jealous for his physical


Just like his flirts with other women?

Living still side by side.

Off he goes like in a trance

Happy and content

Yet still looking out for another










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