Good Manners and the Poet

Some matters matter

Especially good manners

Mean a lot to the poet

Who did the utmost to clean

The bedsitter

He shares with his spouse

For the second time since

He returned from Rehab

As a changed person

But not in his faculties

But to merge his physical

Inadequacy merging his slogan:

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Nothing new since Greek antiquity

You might say

Indeed! But you still need to get

To the consciousness level

Feeling that you actually doing it!

Nothing better!

Since the poet has taken up

Nordic Walking

He’s leaving his imprints behind

All over the Viennese walking trails.

The moving body will write all

And having written its poetry

About moving like a butterfly

Will move on

Across the network of pathways

In between the famous vineyards

Of the Kahlenberg

And neither your accusing voices

Nor silly accusations thru’

Domestic differences

Will lure the poet back to cancel

A single line

Neither scissor-squeezes

Nor all acidy belittling of his

Literary efforts

Will erase one word of it!

Not one word.drow eno toN




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