Sent off to a Reha-Centre

To heal his wounded limbs

Install a sense of new life’s


The poet feels to conquer

The world

Thru’ walks around his base.


Perhaps his mind set on


In the natural habitat

Walking without any pain

He reaches quickly his first

Round of set goals.

His prize a silver needle from

Vienna’s City Hall.


Yet his mind been deceived

Pain sets suddenly in –

Electric currents race thru’

His ailing knee.


His walking efforts foiled

He falls to the soft ground

Between rows of growing

Vines of Weidling.


Then the pain like a sudden

Spook has left him stranded

And cautiously he walks

Downhill towards familiar


His great love once foiled by

The untimely death of his Muse

Once brought him down

To edges of emotional abyss.


Compared to that psychic horror

This physical pain is merely a glitch

An unforeseen hindrance

A temporary handicap

He’ll seek medical treatment for

Come hell or fire

He’ll recover from it for sure.

Physical pain.





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