A Fifty Year Togetherness

Congratulations she said

I looked up astonished by her

Happy tone of voice.

Another dimension for living


Had been broken instantly into.

We are today married for

Fifty years. OK. This calls for a

Celebration. Indeed.

What will the next fifty years

Bring? Hah!


For the first time since three

Tortuous years she smiled.

Agreed. We should count our

Blessings and recall the

Good times we had together.


Let’s summarize:

Bad-Aussee – heart of Austria’s

Tourist industry.

Alt-Aussee – heart for poets

And artists


A steamer to the South of Africa

Our three French poodles

Times at the original Oyster Box

Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks. Natal.

The trips around the Cape of

Good Hope

The Tafelberg – Table Mountain

With B’s parents on a glorious

February morning.

The vineyards

The Garden Route

The friends and mischpoche

Trips to Egypt and Teneriffa

Madeira and Athens Greece

Santorini and Hydra

Peloponnese and Monemvasia

Delphi and Olympia

Porto Rafti and Eleusis

Karpathos and Kriti

Visits to parents in Europe

The deep snow on the Loser


Memoirs forever are made of









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