The Trip Back

First I did not intend

To leave my calling card

With web-addresses for

My written oeuvre

But then as I gave my card to


I gave another to Mohammed

However I’ve stepped aside

Yet recipients with a degree

Might have a trained mind

To understand my writings.

Perhaps one day they could

Become famous.

My good intentions to do more

Writing and translating

Were foiled by excellent TV-docs

And movies:

“Die Auslöschung” with

Klaus Maris Brandauer

„Pandora and the Flying Dutchman“

With Ava Gardner and James Mason.

You sit challenged by the motions

Of the Badner Bahn –



Stations pass

Industrial buildings

Corporate Headquarters zip by

With average speed of the train’s

Traditional coaches in blue and


This trip is at least fluid and the

U4 from Karlsplatz/Opera arrives

Speedily in Heiligenstadt.

The trouble lies with Bus 241

Leaving every half hour from

The Weidling station

Where I have to change over from

Bus 239.

Fortunately I’ve packed an umbrella

But the weather report is out of


B’s away at the city’s green market

And my turn to clean the bedsitter’s

Laminated floor

Do the washing of my clothes

Cook my meal and write up

My journal-poetry.

I’ll be now fit enough.




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