My fractious neighbour

Though so restless

Connects to the skilled man

Living opposite

Who repairs the poet’s

Broken printer

Extracts a hinge and the

Poet offers them beers

Erwin does it for he’s a man

Constantly looking for any

Painting job

Doing all kinds of errands

Yet he dislikes wheeling the

Current rubbish bin to the

Main road uphill.

Arts and crafts man in his

Colourful outfits that suit

His hippie image

Yet lacking responsibilities

Just like Erwin.

All’s well even with the

Drug abusing couple

As long as somebody will help

With tasks for this strange

Community of social outcasts.

Now then the poet and artist

Loves his life of freedom

As good as he’s allowed to

Out the door from the bedsitter

Seeking nature’s gift in the

Serenity garden

Between the Danube’s portal

At the outskirts of Vienna

Nordic Walking around many

Natural trails

Building up the artist’s confidence

And his return to fitness.

Even Mrs IRA is astonished as

She invites him to coffee and cake

With some elderly ladies

Who lost their hubbies thirty years


Coffee brewed by Oliveira and

Homemade apricot cake

Baked by Maria

On the terrace of the renovated


Tranquility and low voiced talk

Mixed with sweet bird warble

Calls the two men for some

Wholesome minute’s sleep.

Only the artist longs for a walk

Thru’ the tall beech forest

Part of the Viennese Woods.

Early Friday morn’ Dr Wany

Will administer a tick-shot.

Off he’ll go now and soak up

The quaint environment nearby

Stamp his walking pass at the

Jägerwiese and collect the

Silver Walking trail needle at

The Rathaus in Vienna.

Only his spouse B wonders about

His changed attitude and thinks

He’s quite mad.






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