Ice-cream clouds

On the Rauheneck-cone

Lemon meringue

Light-grey painted canvas

For the crow’s flight

Stabs of pitch black

To stand out above the

House with overgrown ivy

Green copper roof

At chestnut tree alley

Near the Grand Hotel of


Where Beethoven’s pain

Is reflected in the estate’s

Closure of 200 years of


20 days and one have flown

Down the Schwechat’s brook

A potentially new Muse

Born from the flowers of the

Badner Rosarium

Her ivory body slipped from

The abundance of petals

Upon a love poem

Written in Southern lands.

Ice-cream sweetness on the

Tongue and mind

A flow of soft Don Byrd

Trumpet sounds.

Room 236 Peterhof.

Swiss Jazz.





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