We all here

Huge and small

Float on waves in a

Rubber dingy

Guided by the personal


Of dedicated physio gurus

Young sinewy therapists

Who take an interest

In our health.

Between the healing waters

Of spas in Baden

Bubbling from 14 springs

Wafts of sulphuric scents

Seem to enhance the trail

To a new life

That’s still in the heart of

The beast

Awareness of body and soul

As long as the brain is cleared

Thru’ Sufi exercises

Sharp like the blue-wooded


That rises behind Rauhenstein’s


Its ruin defined with a knife’s

Sharpness in the morning sun.

In the seat of Austrian’s Imperial


A Muse rambles about her

Literary essay.

Life continues taking us with

Centrifugal forces

However hard we fight to keep

Our precious individuality.







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