Where are you now

Poetess of my heart?

Rebellious minds set-out

For the beauty of the verse.


Have you been wandering

The pathways of Eleusis

Retracing the steps of our

Happy hours at Delphi?


Where did you go

When you prepared yourself

For the ‘Great Void’?

You promised to send me

A new Muse

A hot model

An unusual woman

Who matches to me.


No way. It can’t be that you

Turned jealous

You’ve never been.

You taught me to abandon


And I mastered it

Yet not completely.


Where are you now my love?

There were times I felt your

Tactile presence

Perhaps while you still stayed

At the in-between space

Before given a universal spot

As a new star.


At times I feel your love

Whenever I read a poem

I wrote for you:

Ne’er abandon me as I would

Never abandon you. My Muse.



zoltanzelan    ZJG-POetry’18.

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