Her golden hair waves down

Her hazel-brown eyes touches

My skin for a sensual spark

On my cheek.


Just for a split second

Her soul sings a tune

That came to me.


My eyes take her in:

Taut posture as she stretches

And takes my knee across

Her thigh.


She’s my therapist and she’s

Called KK

For I am ZZ

11 to 26 – 2 to 8 – 10 =

That’s 1 reduced.


My lucky number at birth

See passionate Ana taught me

Be ready when it hits you –

Love. Love. Love. Evol. Evol. Evol.

Her body and mine close

And yet even the garbs

Burn off by the sparks

That’ll leap up into a fire.

You must be mad.

That’s love.





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