The Reha Scene

A trip of two hours

Pulls me out of city doldrums

The sleepy village

Doused with a deadly mix

Of diesel and polluted air.

The daily trot of a poor man’s

Living exchanged with the scent

Of roses and lavender –

Paradise found.

But one’s always challenged:

Ergo bike

Inference electric therapy

Pool exercises

Infrared room

Steam room

Foot pendulum exercises

One on one physio with

Young Kerstin ‘s a highlight

Then back for the early lunch


When the stomach grumbles.

Careful-wise Waltraud

Cat-like Brigitta

Lecturing Mona

Happy-go-lucky Margareta.

Resting time

But not on the adjustable bed.

Swimming in the huge

Calcium saturated pool.

Another day another round

At night’s TV Arte finishes

Worthwhile movies

Much too late.






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