Who will be the lucky ones?

At times I’m called up by Mr.T

But for a mere two hours of

Assistance to his letter writing

Not worth my while.


Mrs Ira is the person to check

With at all times lately

And I have neglected that

Not to annoy him

As I would step over his head.


So we agreed to meet in town

On Wednesday and have a peek

At Mrs. IRA’s renovations at a

Well known small building style

Allotment just across the

Danube’s side arm channel.


Well she has her own strong

Mind set on matters that

Take prime spot in her interests

Like renovating her summer


Adjoining a whole village of

Similar buildings.


How long will it still be possible

For me to accompany Mr.T?

As long as possible I guess.

For as long as Mrs.IRA will play

Her selected assistants left

From the original seven.

Who will be the lucky ones

To stay on?

D the driver and girl Friday

L the cleaning woman

V the computer woman

N former fulltime secretary

occasionally popping in and

Z the consigliere and friend?







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