The day that started bright

And sunny

Turned gray with heavy

Darkened clouds

Lightning rods flickered

Thrashed about the ghost-like

Skies and heavy rain followed

In a soaking downpour.


Regardless of the weather

The Festival of Joy will start

We were told.

But common sense was loud

And clear: forget tonight’s


Unless you’d like a cold



Watch the festival on the

Heldenplatz on TV

Where people cowered

Below blankets and had

Raincoats and parka jackets


Like the president in a thick

Worsted wool coat.


Mr.T agreed it was wise

Not to go

But still he murmured his

Disappointment not having

Participated in person

Joining presidents and friends.


Watching TV and sipping


Mr.T snoozed off and the poet

Encouraged to try some of

The red wine

Joined Mr.T with a light

Slumber until midnight.


zoltanzelan      ZJG-POerty’18.

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