Habitat Habitat

On a bright early summer’s day

The muggy air won’t be cooled

By a few drops of rain

Now and then.


B was adamant to go by bus

To Klnbg and view a flat of

Three rooms

Advertised in the local paper

Of the county.


I smelled a rat but played along.

Am I not interested to go out

From a fridge-like room?

Of course I’m interested

But I wanted to know what I’m

In for?


Leopoldstrasse is a city address

In the second heart of the city

The upper part.

However by bus it’s half an hour


Arriving at the address it’s rather

Disappointing as one of the tenants

Does not allow us to have a peek

Into his flat.


An old building with concrete stairs

One would have to ask the county

Office on Friday

As Thursday is a public holiday.


The environment reminds me of

A flat in the sixteenth district in


Built around the 1940’s to take

The reflux of expats from the

Collapsed Austro-Hungarian



Back then as a student I felt comfy

With my freedom

But now?

Well all these older flats are to be

Inspected carefully

As there’s so much half info.


However it’s also important for B

To be satisfied with a less humid

Flat as we have at present

Also one we still can afford.

Let’s first see and find out and

Then act.






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