M1 (Simchi)

Thoughts came up often

About a woman called Simchi

Like coffee in a percolator

Stirred my awareness

About awakening hearts

It’s taste of sweetness still

Recalled inside my heart.


Have we quarreled in

Our time’s sweet twosome

About the way forward

While I painted colourful



You left your footsteps

In the virgin snow for me

To follow you with a raised

Heartbeat to a cozy place

For our first love.


Since then 192 seasons


An unknown wide sea lay

Between our parting

Our separate ways thrown

Apart by the blue planet’s



When I sailed the E-ocean

I came across your home

Below the stars

Sent you an electronic letter

You’ve responded

Is it us again?

Have we reawakened some

Common planted seed

That lay buried below the

Sands of time?


For me it’s like woken from

A dream

Lying in a coma of love for

Forty-eight years

At an instant I gaze at your face

Recognize your eyes and my

Searching fingertips

Reshape your smiling lips.

It’s a great thrill.




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