Coke – coke – cocaine

Back and fro in sexual desire

Waves of passion rise

Initial rubs and tugs inflame

The denuded and risky game

Until the fire will be all-consuming

Impossible to douse

Never to extinguish.


The obsession with satisfaction

Will grow and grow

To peak at a gigantic top

The lover’s desires will push

Toward insanity and madness.


Coke – coke – cocaine everywhere

All over heated bodies

And in the deadly game of greed

He’s overloaded her…

When he’s reached his spiraling


She is swept away by a gigantic

Milky tsunami wave

Her body snaps and disappears

Her ballooning mind explodes.

End of a tragic experiment?



As a doc he was well aware

Pushing his tainted oral desires

Past the point of his lover’s return.







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