AKH – General Hospital Vienna

Was up early –

Leaving behind my poet’s hat

As well my artist’s cap

In my black/white shopping bag.


Yet the poetry book still at hand

Arriving in good time at the AKH

City transport is most efficient

To get around town quickly.


But I guess to arrive in good time

Plays less strains on one’s nerves.

Besides one reaches a mental point

Where one wishes to get all the

Procedures behind one and

Looking forward to have finally

Good vision on both eyes.


Perhaps being in the know that one

Will be subjected to long waiting

Times urges one forward in a

Restless physical mode

Announcing one’s arrival at the

Day clinic’s reception

But then the awkward part of

Waiting starts

Consulting one’s watch:

9:45; 10:30; 11:00; 11:30;

Wondering when I would be

Called up.


One does not anticipate that the

Operation has been cancelled

Staff would have informed one

For sure

Just a lot of patients cared for

One by one.

It’s Prof. S’s day and he’s a

Thorough professional.


Just as B phoned me if I’m done


I’m called up stepping aside to

The toilet

While someone after me in the

Queue is called up.

However I don’t mind to relax

In the preparation room

While my blood pressure also



My operating time is shorter

Than to the patient before me

As Prof. S is done in 25 minutes


Indeed I’m relieved and feel fine

Looked after by a dedicated nurse

And an hour later by the surgeon

Found to be A1. OK.


Receive a script for three different

Eye drops and then dress again

To hurry to the ’Öffis’ and home.

B already waiting at the bus station

Helping to carry my bag.

Time for relaxation starts again.


My right eye bandaged I will fall

Tired into bed.

Tomorrow the bandage will come

Off and I’m already looking forward

To enjoy my new vision’s experiences.




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