Thro’ life’s looking glass

Time in Africa had elapsed

With rhythms of ups and downs

In geometrical patterns.


Time will soon come –

The poet heard the tweet

From a white dove –

An Aeolian breeze will

Refresh you.


At times tenderness still recalls

‘Awakening hearts’

Left behind to the sounds

Of a melancholic bard.


To the Great Wheel of Heavens

A life’s story of any human

Is a sand corn in the

Namib Desert.


From the skies

Glistening like black diamonds

A wet cabaret of words

Like rain is falling.


More than a generation ago

A freshman captain of art

Set out to exotic lands

Sailing the Seven Seas.


Stranded at the sanctuary

Of Poseidon’s temple

His old life’s skin rests

Now in Arcadian soil.


The power of vivid

Apollonian thoughts

The beauty of great


Leads an eternal life

All on its own.


Love’s ultimate powers

Will always remain

The spirit’s reviving fount

Of youth.








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