Stopover: City of Saints

The station at the City of Saints

An intermediate stop

A watering hole for travelers

Refreshing spot for sushi lovers

Beer drinkers

Burger eaters.


Or just for taking a seat at a bench

Waiting for a bus connection

If one missed a better planning

For subway arrivals

Watching the girls in tights

Passing by

People from all over this globe

Who feel at home here

Looked after by the state for

Finding a foothold

Except for expats

Who suffered badly when they


Not favoured any longer

But also taken for a ride

Except in time when they

Began drawing on social


Especially at medical services.


Viki says it’s a helluva good

Country to live in

And Mrs IRA lauds the Viennese


Derived from mountain springs.


The poet loves the museums

Auras of quaint elegance

In habits and of classical buildings

But he feels a lack of preparedness

By the cultural institutions

To promote artists

Aside the mainstream dictations

Of the ruling class.





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