Tired Assistence

Sudden wake in spring-morn’ Weidling

A bad turn from one’s bed

To the right side

Swing one’s legs down into one’s

Comfy slippers.


No breakfast

Some chamomile tea

Dress quickly with a blurring head

Concentrating on a docu-file

For submission to the local

County office for social assistance

For Vienna and surrounding areas

Disputes arising about outdated

Documents re: current energy costs

One month already matters.


But the sole woman present

Is friendly with advise and soon

A compromise is found for a

Promised payment toward

The cost of used energy for

The year ahead.


Great help if one is in good luck

To receive the requested docu’s

From the lessor

B has renamed Gerard.

It’ll be a touch and go for the

Last two items at current dates.


She wishes us good luck

Offers an all-expenses paid tour

Of senior citizens

To the famous ‘Weinviertel’

(A wine cultivating area in the



Need a cup of coffee B said

My response is to take her to

The Dom-Café.

Even if the poet is in dire need

Of his money he forgot.

He orders and B helps him

As she did so often

In spite of tearing-apart

Arguments that follow.

Still love?




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